The Velocity Diet Experiment – One month later…

So, it’s been a month since I finished the velocity diet, and as promised, here’s a final post detailing how much weight I gained back after returning to a normal diet. As I mentioned, I knew that there was no way that I wouldn’t gain a few kilograms after I started eating again, but I’m still surprised by just how much I put back on.

Velocity diet stats – 1 month later:

Weight – 78.9kg (173.9lb) – down 6kg*

Body Fat – 19.8% – down 3.6%*

Body Muscle – 39.9% – up 1.7%*

Total Body Water – 58.1% – up 2.3%*

* all variations calculated against Day 1 figures

That’s right, only 1.8 kilograms back on since the end of the diet, meaning that overall I still lost 6 kilograms from my start point. Not only that, but since finishing the diet there have been a few healthy changes to my diet that I’ve been sticking to.

1. I’ve given up white flour. The only exception to this is pizza which I eat around once a week (I know, I know, it’s my thing okay?). Otherwise it’s wholemeal all the way and I can honestly say that it’s been really easy to stick to. Wholemeal bread is much more filling, and though it’s a bit drier than white bread, it encourages me to drink more which I feel is a good thing. I haven’t missed white bread once.

2. I eat little and often. This is completely thanks to the velocity diet. After finishing, my stomach had shrunk to the size of a peanut and I just couldn’t eat big meals, nor did I want to really. Instead, just like on the diet where I drank shakes every three hours, I am now in the habit of eating small regular meals. This is a well known metabolism booster and has kept my energy levels nice and constant. I seem to be sleeping better as well.

3. I keep an eye on calories. Not in an obsessive calorie counting type of way, I guess I’m just more aware of how many calories my body needs, so when I see a meal which has 600 calories in it, and I know that I was surviving on just over double that per day, it makes me think twice. Don’t get me wrong, I eat over 2000 calories a day, it’s just good to actually pay a little more attention to what I’m putting in my body.

In fact, the only real negative after finishing the diet is that I’m definitely weaker. I’ve really noticed a drop in fitness or strength or something, compared to before I started the diet. My workouts feel harder, I struggle to push as hard in my classes, and my runs are slower. A month after finishing the diet I’m still trying to get back to where I was strength and fitness wise. This isn’t entirely surprising, I lost over a kilogram of muscle after all. I’m just surprised by what a difference it makes.

When I’d just finished this diet, I was still having a really hard time recommending it. Actually I still do. But I guess that at this point I have to admit that this diet really will take a lot of weight off, and, if you eat sensibly afterwards, keep it off…

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  • GottaGetFit

    Wow. Okay, that was unexpected! I’m surprised by how little weight you’ve put back on, but I guess being more conscious of what you’re eating is a major factor in that?
    I watched your velocity experience and was shocked that it was possible for anyone to do – never mind someone in fitness. I know that I couldn’t maintain it, but the eating little and often clearly does work and it’s really helpful that I can try and apply this in my life. Thanks!

  • Hunter W

    Hi – I’m getting ready to start the V-diet next week and you’re one of the few people I’ve found who made it through most of it. (21 days vs 28 days) My question: Did you do the workouts prescribed in the diet? Or did you continue to do what you normally did? I ask because Chris, the inventor of the diet, says that pushing yourself too hard can lead to the muscle loss and fatigue that you described.



  • Steve

    Hi Hunter, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I stuck with my usual routine during the diet. Ultimately, with a diet so low in calories, I think it’s inevitable that there’ll be some muscle loss and fatigue during the course of the diet, there’s only so much the body can do when it’s starved of calories.

    That said, I still think that it’s pretty impressive that I only lost such a relatively small amount of muscle, especially when you remember that I lost a huge amount of fat, and wasn’t carrying that much to begin with.

    Good luck with the diet, let us know how you get on!