WTF Wednesdays : Jazz Sinkfield

You know what? There are people who have grown their nails longer than Jazz Ison Sinkfield’s (just because we know you’re wondering, the longest ever recorded fingernail was 51 inches long). But even though she doesn’t quite measure up, Jazz (whose nails measure between 24 and 26 inches) is still the subject of WTF Wednesday this week. Why? Because no-one else ever made a video explaining how they wipe their bum with nails that long, that’s why.

Jazz has been growing her nails for the past 22 years, and according to her, they cost around $250 a month to maintain. They prevent her from eating, typing, tying her shoelaces normally (as well as, we imagine, a whole host of other tasks), and their immense size means that she can’t remove the jewellery on her fingers and wrists

But if they do cause her problems, Jazz isn’t complaining about them. In fact, she seems very proud of her nails which she describes as a gift from God:

“My nails is a talent and a gift from God. I’ve been growing my nails now for 22 years, and I want to be an inspiration to others, to let them know that..follow your dreams, you can excel on being, whomever you would like to be”

Um…thanks Jazz…

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