World’s number of people dying from obesity overtakes number dying from starvation

That’s right. According to figures published by the Red Cross, there are 1.5 billion people who are eating so much more than they should be, that their health is at risk, whilst 925 million other people have so much too little to eat, that they’re health is at risk.

Meredith Alexander, the head of the HungerFree campaign at Action Aid said:

“We have always known that hunger is a man-made tragedy, not a result of natural scarcity. At a time when almost 1 billion people go to bed hungry every night, the Red Cross’ latest figures show that another 1.5 billion are obese”

The Red Cross stated in their annual World Disasters Report, in which they published the findings that hunger exists not because there was a lack of food globally, but because of poor distribution, wastage, and rising prices that made food unaffordable.

I suppose it could equally be argued that obesity is on the rise because of artificial manipulation of pricing and availability, and the fact that we in the West have become too used to excess and the ability to waste food that others would treat as precious.

If this sickening state of affairs is going to be reversed, the problem needs to be tackled from both of these ends, throwing money at the world’s poor won’t be enough.

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